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ايامين ڪنگٽوم ربر-پلاسٽڪ ڪمپني لميٽيڊ باضابطه طور تي 1996 ۾ قائم ڪئي وئي. سالن تائين ، ڪنگٽوم جديد آر ۽ ڊي جا نتيجا ۽ ربڑ ۽ پلاسٽڪ جي مصنوعات لاءِ بهترين ڪسٽمر خدمتون فراهم ڪرڻ ۾ مصروف آهي.

KINDDI  provide full range of rubber technology solutions for world racecourse.We are the only certified rubber matting supplier by HONG KONG JOCKEY CLUB&Japan Racing Association in China.Our main products:rubber mats for racecourse tunnel,rubber mats for horse swimming pool,rubber mats for horse exercise, stables rubber mats,rubber walking path ect.KINDDI offer a variety of customized services for you.

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Rubber Mats For Horse Swimming Pool

اصطبل لاء رٻڙ Mats